13 January 2010

De Thanasæ mundis

The obvious question: What is Thanasæ mundi? Literally, it is Thanasis’s Worlds or The Worlds of Thanasis – Thanasis being my given name. Why Latin? Because, inter alias geekitudines, I am a language geek. This is not, of course, to be confused with Greek – though I am that, too, despite having been born in Indiana with a blood quantum of ½.

Why this blog? Simply put: It’s about time. I’ve made a few starts at blogging in the past, but for various reasons (read: pig-headedness) I always wanted to host them on one of my own servers, which meant that it was really more trouble than it was worth... with the entirely predictable result that they never lasted very long. So I’ve finally decided to set aside my rugged frontier individualism stubbornness and let Google do the heavy lifting on this.

Of course I’ll still only post from Linux machines.

But this will be the place where I post random thoughts, links to interesting resources, essays (in the traditional, literal sense of an idea I’m trying out), etc. I plan on maintaining another two or so specialized blogs as well; the first of these, which I am also starting today, is the Commonwealth Encyclopædia, dedicated to the setting of some science-fiction stories I’m writing.

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  1. Welcome to blogosphere! I look forward to reading it and occasionally commenting--don't want to do this too much here, or we may stop having our face-face discussions and we wouldn't want that...